The first public meeting for TramLinkBR was held on January 28, 2016, providing an opportunity for the public to learn about the project and give input on route alignment options, stop locations, tram operations, maintenance facility site locations and other project elements. The project team used multiple methods of communication and outreach to the LSU community, Old South Baton Rouge neighborhood and Downtown businesses and residents to encourage participation.

A second public meeting was conducted on June 21, 2016. This meeting presented the project’s Locally Preferred Alternative including the route alignment, stop locations, operations and maintenance facility site and preferred transit operating plan. It also presented conceptual design plans, project cost estimates and the financing plan. This meeting also coincided with the release of the Environmental Assessment (EA) that was prepared by the City-Parish in coordination with the Federal Transit Administration. The EA evaluated the project’s potential social, cultural, economic, environmental and transportation-related impacts and identified measures to avoid, minimize or mitigate those impacts.